Pizza Recipes

  1. MARGHERITA The original and the best. tomato base, fresh tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil.
  2. HAWAIIAN tomato base, ham, pineapple, mozzarella
  3. VEGETARIAN tomato base, mushroom, roasted capsicum or artichokes, olives, red onion, boccincini, basil
  4. CHICKEN tomato base, mozzarella, chicken, red onion
  5. GARLIC PRAWN tomato base, prawns, crushed garlic, red onion, olive oil, chopped parsley
  6. PEPPERONI tomato base, mozzarella, roasted capsicum, pepperoni
  7. NAPOLITANA tomato base, mozzarella, anchovies, olives, oregano
  8. INFERNO tomato base, mozzarella cheese, chilies, jalapeno peppers, hot pepperoni, olives, anchovies and Italian herbs.
  9. TACO tomato base, seasoned ground beef, onions, peppers, tortilla chips, and cheddar cheese - serve with sour cream and salsa
  10. MEAT EATERS Tomato base, ham, pepperoni, capers, olives and mozzarella.


For something different, try variations of the ingredients listed below. Anchovy, smoked salmon, oysters, mussels, prosciutto, ham, chicken (cooked), red onion, jalapeno peppers, chili, avocado, artichoke, capers, different cheeses i.e brie, blue vein, jarhlsberg etc, rocket, sun dried tomatoes.

Our favourite gourmet combinations/recipes (all on a tomato base):

  • chopped Spanish onion, prosciutto, capers, boccincini
  • ham, avocado, Spanish onion, capers, mozzarella
  • prawns, calamari, mozzarella and fresh basil
  • grilled lamb, tzatziki, mozzarella
  • olive oil on base, smoked salmon, capers, Spanish onion, boccincini
  • tomato base, feta cheese, olives, Spanish onion, fresh tomato, basil and optional drizzle olive oil and garlic
  • olive oil on base, oregano, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and optional anchovies
  • prosciutto, blue vein cheese, roasted capsicum.
  • tomato base, Tandoori chicken, mozzarella and yoghurt
  • green curry chicken, capers, mozzarella
  • mushroom, olives, mozzarella

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