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"We have used the oven many times and it works a treat.  I'm impressed with the heat up time compared to other ovens we have had. We tried your pizza dough recipe and it was the best we have tried.  Thanks for all your help. I have recommended your ovens to several people."  Mike Milne, Dunsborough.

"Thanks so much for your detailed reply. My dealings with you a couple of years ago were also top notch. Your oven is so much better than others I have come across. I consistently get 460C in mine for pizza where others seem to top out in the mid to high 300s. It also retains the heat so well I often do a slow cook roast the next day after a pizza night." Brendan Sawford. Melbourne.

"After much research, I kept coming back to Don, the quality of his product and his attention to detail, years of experience and his willingness to answer the dozens of questions we all have despite the fact he has heard them all a hundred times before.  Once the base was built the assembly instructions were a breeze to follow and it was completed in one day. I am repeatedly amazed at the thermal efficiency of the design, the small amount of wood it burns and most importantly, the quality of the food it cooks. Our pizzas are world class and without exception exceed everyone's expectations." Nick May, Bullcreek, WA

"The oven is fantastic and has had great use.  Our pizzas come out perfectly with a crispy base after 4 minutes on average.  Lately we have been making Turkish pizzas which get rave reviews from our guests.  We congratulate you on such an excellent product."  Geoff and Rose Dickson, Bellbowrie, Qld.

 "Just a short note to thank you for our pizza oven.  We've cooked pizza, roasts and bread thoroughly enjoying the process and more importantly, the result!  Your availability to consult via phone re minor detail was greatly appreciated."  Peter and Janet Jackson, Bairnsdale, Vic.

"I am delighted to advise that we have completed the pizza oven.  We invited our family and friends for Xmas dinner.  I successfully cooked 15 pizzas and also included roast pototoes. The guests all agreed they were the best pizzas they ever tasted.  Attached is a photo of my pizza oven that I am proud to share with you.  Much appreciated! "   Gary and Rhonda Mackellin, Melb.

"Thank you for all your help, you have made it a truly wonderful experience.  We will be spreading the word around our friends and family!"  Dale and Vickie, Redland Bay, Qld

"I purchased my oven from you late last year and have had total joy putting it together and cooking in it.  We have cooked 150 pizzas in it and some roasts.   Thank you for your support and communication."  Eric, Clayton, Melbourne

" We are soon to move and I can promise you we will be buying another oven, it's been the best cooking appliance we ever bought.  The most succulent pork roast I have ever eaten came out of the oven." Andrew Horn, Merriwa, WA

 "The food we have cooked in the oven thus far is second to none, the best pizza, ribs, chicken, lamb, vegetables, beef and bread we have ever tasted.  Thanks again for your great help and advice, the service and product you providied was just fantastic"  John Stoupis, Merrylands, NSW

 "One thing about the wood fired oven cooking is that the options appear to be endless, all good fun and scrumptious eating - I am amazed with the length of time your oven holds temperature after the fire has gone to coals.  Thanks again for introducing us to wood fired cooking in your fabulous oven."   Al and Carol, Bolwarra Heights, NSW. 

"Just a message to let you know that we used the oven for the first time last night, and it is fantastic Don, very impressed with our first pizza's!"  Geoff and Kerry, Clarkson, WA

"Have to tell you again how much fun this oven is, there is nothing quite like playing with a hot fire and food!" Kim and Michelle, Dickson, ACT

"Have already had a few big nights cooking, with the biggest last night for 24 people- cooking 3 pizzas at a time I had them all fed very quickly."  Pete and Bec, Greenleigh, NSW

"Thanks for your oven, I am very impressed.  I've cooked everything from fish, roasts, wings, steaks, pizza in my first four cooks and everything has turned out perfectly.  Your helpful hints with assembly and cooking were very valuable and I had it finished in no time."  Mark Sherlock, Nowra, NSW.

"It looks fabulous.  You thought of everything, very pleased to find the paddle, brush and even the alfoil.  It is a fantastic kit."  Alison MacEwan, Mt Eliza, Vic.

"Had several pizza nights, a couple of roasts and just finished eating the best smokey BBQ ribs of all time!  Thanks for everything."  Craig Pudney, Baldivis, WA.

 I am proud to refer your oven to my friends, as it's the BEST".  Frank, Dandenong, Vic

 "Over the weekend we cooked pizza's, roast pork and vegetables and then pizza's again last night.  The most amazing flavours and everything turned out perfect.  Thanks again for everything.  Best purchase we ever made.  Extremely happy with the end result.  Thanks heaps for the easy to follow instructions and all the information provided."  Adam Whannell, Beenleigh, Qld

"We did a folk festival last weekend and sold 350 pizzas, our best yet."  Ian Fisher, Pizza Fresco, Townsville.

"We're very happy with it, once a week I fire it up to bake bread for the week, and we would use it as well for roasts etc."  Volker and Brigitte, Vermont, Vic.

" Fired it up and first time we tried pizza's.  Fantastic. "  Spiro Kemertzis, Townsville.

"The picture was taken the day Dr. Don Yelland advised me to increase my intake of Gluewein from 3 to 4 litres.  This oven works perfectly.  Thank you very much."  Bernie and Rosemary Schwarz, Cooma, NSW

 "The public are "Lovin the Oven" on the trailer, I'm running the oven at full capacity 6 nine inch pizzas at once and pumping them out every 4-5 minutes.  When people order a pizza I say 4 minutes your pizza will be ready, that just blows them away."  James, "Oven Lovin" Mobile Woodfired Pizza, Sydney.

"A huge success from my end...they all think I am a "master chef" yet it is so easy".  Des Lappin, Albury, Vic

"l just finished a 3 day festival and pumped out about 200 pizzas." Jason,  Youpizza  Mobile Woodfired Pizza, Sydney.

"It works fantastic and is a great feature to our backyard. I did the whole thing myself from the base to the rendering to the doors."  Sam, Bardwell Park, Sydney

."The oven is going great, worth every cent, cannot recommend you guys highly enough." Darren and Linda Jackson, Nowra, NSW

"Don, please add this feedback.  We have had 4 cook ups so far- 3 pizza nights and one experimental roast, and the food is just amazing.  The family and neighbours love it.  Well done on great service and value."  Pat Laurence, Adelaide.

"The pizza oven is great. We have it going nearly every weekend."  Donna and Scott, Busselton, WA

"The oven is great, your kit is spot on and the fun of building a functional and artistic garden feature is the talking point when guests come over."  Kelly, Darwin, NT

"We are loving the oven- as are our friends and relatives!  Have made about 100 + pizzas so far and had our son's 21st pizza party which was a great hit with his friends"  Ruth and Tony Logan, Toowoomba.

"We just wanted to thank you for our new toy-it's awesome.  So far we have cooked copious amounts of pizza, whole chickens, shoulder of pork, bread, whole fish, pavlovas and other various desserts.. thanks for all the help/advice." Andrew and Laura, Gawler, SA

"This is how our pizza oven turned out... it is just the best and makes the best pizza's." Claire, Todd, Tess and Fin, East Fremantle, WA

"Our guests are loving it!  Cheers, bloody fantastic."  Will and Suzette, Cedar Cottage, Rockingham WA.

"Fantastic oven!  Had soooo much fun making it.  Cooks beautifully-what a great addition to our verandah! With thanks Don, pleasure doing business."  Jacqui Cameron, Surat, Qld.

"The verdict on the pizzas?  Unbelievable, spectacular, superb.  There were 17 of us!"  Kay and Terry Vinson, Kenthurst NSW.

"It is great, we can fit up to 5 pizzas at a time.  The Tandoori Chicken pizza sells really well." Sue Mitchell, Royal Hotel, Drouin, Vic.

"Very happy with the design, goes together very easily."  John Difazio, Barrack Heights, NSW.

"Your wood fired oven is proving to be a great drawcard to Mooloolah Valley Holiday Houses."  Atalanta, Qld.

"The pizzas are great, we fed 30 kids in a couple of hours and it was a lot of fun."  Ken Thomas, Seaham, NSW.

"We are so happy we got it and it has been a hit with family and friends." Natasha Mardero-Magree, Darwin.

 "We have already used it a couple of times and it is fantastic." Nicole, Wytaliba, Glenn Innes, NSW.

"A pleasure doing business Don."  Ken Thomas, Albany, WA.

"Overall the oven is brilliant and everyone that's seen or eaten out of  it loves it."  Tony Pattman, Sydney, NSW.

"We're very happy with the oven, we even cooked a decent size snapper in there."  Cliff McGillvray, Kalamunda, WA.

"Very happy with the investment".  Geoff, Samford, Qld.

"Have received many compliments about the oven."  Colin and Lee-Ann, Dianella, WA.

"We have cooked pizzas, a few roasts, chicken wings, meat balls, lamb cutlets, nachos...Thanks it's great!"  Justin and Cressi,  Colac, Victoria.

"So far cooked pizzas, 2 roasts, chicken wings, garlic prawns and even some biscuits.  It's been a big success and we love it".  Scott and Therese, Thornlie, WA.

"Thank you so much for your help, you made it so easy".  Ron and Lesley, Mundaring, WA.

"Thanks for such a good job conducted with such goodwill."  Stefan and Donna, Alexander Heights, WA.

"Oven is GR8..really happy with it."  Mr SunnyJim, Bundaberg.

"The oven is brilliant.  We have used it several times and the pizzas are REALLY GOOD."  Tania Webbern, Gold Coast.

"We absolutely love the pizza oven...Friday nights are family pizza nights!  Craig and Rachel, Nicholls, ACT.

"Yes, we are happy with our oven and our friends are very envious." Shane Wood, Maroochydore, Qld

"Friends and neighbours seem to be coming around more often and we've put on weight!  That's how good it is!"  John and Karen, Atwell, WA.

"I have to compliment you on the packaging, you did a terrific job. I appreciate the level of communication, it helps significantly when buying interstate".  Peter and Liz, Phillip Island, Vic.

"We have just had the official 'christening' of our pizza oven and we are extremely happy with it."  Glenn Dwyer, Samson, WA.

"Finished the pizza oven and gave it a workout on the weekend and it worked a treat".  Mark Simmonds, Nowra, NSW.

"All goes well with the pizza oven.  It's fantastic"  Andrew Evason, Beldon WA.

"The oven is awesome - our friends really enjoy coming over for dinner and we have had a couple of big work events too." Craig Pudney, Baldivis, WA.

"I was very happy with the service and advice you gave.  It was a pain free exercise from start to finish!  The total silence from the kids when we have cooked in the oven is worth every cent!"  Rob Mihalyka, Canberra.

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